Research and Cooperation

The Mechanical Engineering professors and staff are involved in active research along the lines of the university-wide research guidelines and goals, specifically in the following main areas: 

•      Energy and Environment

•      Materials - Structures - Surfaces

In addition to this, we offer small and medium-sized companies and corporations proven competence and experience for joint projects in research and development in the areas outlined below. If you have interest in such a project or have any questions, please contact the person(s) named below for the specialized area you are interested in.


Applied Mechanics

- Strain and stress analysis (Finite Element method)
- Fracture mechanical component assessment
- Crack growth investigation
- Static and dynamic component testing
- Process and structure simulation 

Contact person: Prof. Markus Fulland, Prof. Markus Klaubert, Prof. Fritz-Jochen Schmidt

Energy Systems Technology

- Investigation into the non-steady system performance of linked energy technology components (main focus on thermal systems and storage technology)
- Modelling complex flow phenomena as well as heat and mass transport activity
- Development of high-efficiency latent heat storage systems
 (thermotechnical construction and experimental validation from the laboratory to the pilot plant scale)
- Heat management of heat-generating electric or electronic systems

Contact person: Prof. Jens Meinert

Manufacturing Processes and Production Measurement

- Advising in the setup and optimization of quality management systems
- Measurement of geometric features
- Training courses for quality management representatives and internal auditors
- Seminars on various topics in quality management and production measurement technology
- Research at:
- Services at:

Contact person: Mr. Martin Sturm, engineer M.A.

Nuclear Technology

- Theoretical and experimental thermo-hydraulics in nuclear power plants
- Theoretical and experimental research into the behaviour of nuclear power plants under accident or emergency conditions
- Comparative safety analysesfor nuclear power plants

Contact person: Mr. Sören Alt, research professorship of reactor and plant safety


- Advising on CAD and machine design
- Preparation of sample solutions
- Help with planning when using CAD
- Construction tasks
- Advising, and in some cases participation, in development using design methods and in the calculation of machined products
- Strength calculations for parts and assembly groups (FEM)

Contact persons: Prof. Frank Hentschel, Prof. Bernd Bellair

Energy and Power Plant Technology

- Process design and efficiency of power plants
- Heat supply from heating plants and thermal power stations
- Communal and industrial energy concepts
- Fuel analyses (mainly solid fuels)
- Simulation of heat balance sheets
- The energetic use of biomass/cogeneration
- Material and energy balancing in complex technical energy systems
- Comparative evaluation of energy supply technologies
- Simulation of stationary and non-stationary cogenerative heat and material transmission processes
- Simulation of non-isothermic reactive flows
- States of non-equilibrium in power technology

Contact person: Prof. Tobias Zschunke

Production Engineering

- Simulation/Optimization of production systems
- Advising for users of CNC and CAD-CAM programming
- In-company orders development and management of resources and testing equipment

Supervision of in-company internships and thesis semesters in the following areas:
- Production planning / CNC programming / CAD-CAM
- Developing/planning manufacturing plants
- Re-structuring operating procedures
- Planning production operating procedures  / Logistics

Contact person:  Prof. Gerlinde Kretschmar

Radiation Technology and Radiation Protection

- Operating the neutron generator
- Using neutrons for matter identification
- The use of databases in radiation protection
- Numerical radiation protection
- Measuring and evaluating radon and thoron

Contact person: Prof. Thomas Schönmuth

Fluid Mechanics

- Theoretical and experimental investigations of the sound emission of flow processes, measurements of sound intensity
- Numerical simulation of flow processes
- Studies of renewable energy sources (wind energy, water power, solar heat)
- Experimental investigations on heat transmission to components in contact with the flow
- Advisory services in the calculation of pipeline head curves and in the selection of ventilators and rotory pumps
- Calculation of pressure loss in components and construction groups
- Research into flow problems in steam and gas turbines

Contact person: Prof. Volkmar Weise

Technical Thermodynamics (Website:

- Calculation of thermodynamic property data for working fluids in energy technology
- Development of material properties calculation software
- Providing material property calculation libraries for working fluids in energy technology

Contact person: Prof. Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar

Materials Technology and Testing

- Determination of mechanical material properties
- Optical and scanning microscopic materials studies
- Failure assessment
- Process inspections for welded and soldered joints
- Advising on the optimal use of materials
- PVD coating of flexible substrates

Contact persons: Prof. Markus Fulland; Dr. Jana Reinhold

Teaching Engineering

Contact person: Prof. Fritz-Jochen Schmidt

Institute of Surface Technology (IOT)

- Surface Coating Technologies (HD-, ND-and AD-Plasma)
- Fracture Mechanics, Crack Growth
- Adhesives Technology

Contact persons / Details:

Institute of Process Technology, Process Automation and Measuring Technology (IPM)

- Measuring Technology / Process Automation
- Nuclear Technology /Soft Computing
- Pattern Recognition / Image Processing
- Mechatronic Systems
- Power Station, Steam Generation and Firing Technology
- Applied Electronics

Contact person / Details:

On the pages linked below you will find special focuses of research, the laboratory locations as well as individual "sample" projects that document the wide range of services the department offers. Some information is currently available only in German. Should you desire additional specific information in English or have questions, do contact us.

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