Energie- und Umwelttechnik

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
Location: Zittau
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Standard period of study: 7 semesters
ECTS points: 210
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Admission restriction: none

Many tasks and problems are almost impossible to solve without the use of radiation technology systems in industry, research and medicine. Experts who can assess technology and safety aspects will therefore continue to be needed in the future. Last but not least, there is still a need for well-trained engineers due to the upcoming tasks involved in dismantling plants in Germany.

In the Energy and Environmental Technology course, the main areas of study are

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Applied Radiation Technique

The subject-specific training in these fields of study offers the students an application-related mix of theoretical and practical knowledge for the analysis, evaluation and improvement of energy technology processes or knowledge for all areas of radiation technology. During the course of study a wide range of training-oriented laboratory technology is used in the numerous internships for independent experimentation.

You have the choice, shape your studies

With this course, you can choose between the regular bachelor's degree or the KIA degree.

What is KIA?

In the KIA variant (cooperative studies with integrated training) the bachelor's degree is very well suited for future students who want to combine theory and practice.

In addition to theoretical specialist knowledge you will also acquire practical training and at the end of your studies you will not only receive a bachelor’s certificate, but also an IHK degree.

Foto: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Meinert
Faculty Student Adviser
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Jens Meinert
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